Welcome To Phoenix Puzzles

Phoenix Puzzles is a UK based international supplier of brain teasers, puzzles, illusions and much more.

We have 20 different Japanese​-​type logic puzzles such as ​​Sudoku​, ​​Battleships, Nonogrids, Skyscrapers,​ ​​and ​many​ more, ready to supply to your requirements and they are available in a variety of sizes and difficulties. We can supply content for newsletters, magazines, newspapers, books, publications, and websites, etc.

All of the content ​that ​we supply comes from BrainBashers, and Phoenix Puzzles has exclusive permission to supply their content. This is thousands of puzzles and brain teasers!

Founded in 1997, for almost​ 20 years the BrainBashers team have developed and accumulated a vast collection of high-quality brain teasers, Japanese-type puzzles, optical illusions, and much much more. BrainBashers puzzles have appeared all over the world and have featured in national newspapers including the UK's "The Guardian" and "The Daily Express" and have also been published in several books and other media.

If you have not yet ​visited BrainBashers, then we recommend ​that ​you take a look at www.brainbashers.com and then get in touch with us.

We are more than happy to support you with your requirements.
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